BIOL2343 - Evolution, Ecology, and Biodiversity (Syllabus)
Reviews significant aspects of organismal biology and presents current hypotheses concerning the origin and diversification of life on earth. The ecological and behavioral interactions between organisms and their biotic/abiotic environments are considered from an evolutionary perspective. (Link for current semester content)

BIOL5340 - Bioinformatics (Syllabus)
This course is an applied introduction to bioinformatics and computational genomics. The course is geared toward the student with a biology background and limited programming experience. The course provides an entrance to commonly used programming/scripting languages and an introduction to numerous aspects of modern genomic data analyses (e.g. identification of coding and regulatory features in novel sequences, expression analysis, and comparative/phylogenetic analyses).

BIOL5362 - Experimental Design and Analysis (Syllabus)
This course focuses on three aspects of experimental design and analysis: 1) Advanced statistical methods, 2) Data analysis, interpretation, presentation using statistical software, 3) Evaluation of published literature. Statistical methods covered include: Power and sampling; analysis of variance models (multifactor, nested, and block designs); analysis of covariance; nonparametric methods.